ACS Academy (A division of ACS360) is a SETA and QCTO accredited education and training provider. Our courses can be facilitated in a classroom-style setting with a qualified course facilitator or via correspondence, depending on what is most convenient for you and your budget. Every student will be supported by our competent facilitators,assessors and moderators, in the classroom or remotely, from day one, to graduation day and beyond!
    Fixed-term employment contract for the duration of the learnership enables learners to gain practical experience and increase employment opportunities.Learners obtain a national qualification that is relevant to the sector;Learners can still earn an income while enhancing their skills in their immediate working environment. This will ultimately enhance their career prospects; and A learner’s personal development and self-esteem improve when they obtain a good qualification
    The government offers tax incentives to companies for participating in learnerships. SETAs offer cash grants for learnerships. Companies earn points on the BEE scorecard for learnership training. Learnerships open doors to further learning and because it is registered on the NQF, it is also nationally recognised; and Learnerships create skilled employees who strive to add value to the business.

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ACS Academy (A division of ACS360) is a SETA and QCTO accredited education and training provider. We offer more than 140 nationally recognised qualifications including Diplomas, Occupational Certificates, Skills Programmes and Unit Standards that are registered with the South African Qualifications Authority on the National Qualifications Framework.

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